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Useful resources

If you have any questions or need more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

"Strategies That Work" (.pdf)

Why the traditional approaches to Strategic Planning don’t work and what to do about it.

"The Nine Ways Non-Profits are Different(Article)

There are some differences in the way non-profit organizations approach the world compared to business corporations. Here are the 9 most common differences and how those differences impact the role of the executive director.

"The Top 10 Mistakes When Hiring a Business Advisor" (.pdf)

Presentation by Stuart Morley.

"Why Leaders Hate Traditional Approaches to Strategic Planning"  (Article)

The objective of this article is to remove some of the “shock and horror” that many organizations go through when they do strategic planning.


"Some of the Don’ts in Strategic Planning"(Article)

When talking about “don’ts” in the area of strategic planning, there are a few steadfast principles.

"The 7 Most Common Pitfalls in Strategic Planning" (Article)

Highlighting common pitfalls in strategic planning.

"The 7 Most Important Questions Every Speaker Must Know"  (Article)

How well are you prepared to address these questions before giving your next speech? Or if you are hiring a professional speaker for your next conference/workshop – are you sure they can adequately address these 7 questions?

"The Due Diligence Process"  (.pdf)

If done right, Due Diligence will provide you with the insight needed to form the basis of your final decisions when it comes to your business.