Stuart Morley interviewed by Randall Craig on

Recently Stuart Morley presented a workshop on pricing your products and services – get a sneak peak at what a Stuart Morley workshop looks like and what it could mean to your team or event.

Participants in Stuart Morley’s pricing workshop let you know their thoughts on the value Stuart can give to your audience.

Stuart Morley has worked with more than 300 clients in many different industries with strategic planning, business assessments and board governance advice. Listen in to some of the tips and advice he gives to commercial printers at Strategy 09, hear what the audience thought of his presentation, then visit us at to learn how Morley & Associates can help your business or be the highlight of your conference.

Have you tried everything in your power to grow your business? Do your sales and profits continue to plummet? Are your attempts to raise money futile, time consuming and humiliating? Okay, youve tried everything. We know. We understand your pain, especially in these tough economic times. Let us show you how to improve your business today. Visit and order your copy of Weather the Storm.

Sometimes a business stagnates or you have a great new product or service idea and need help getting it going. That’s where Morley & Associates comes in. Listen to what our audience thought following a recent seminar presentation.