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The Seven Most Important Questions Every Speaker Must Know

The Seven Most Important Questions Every Speaker Must Know

What are the seven most important questions every speaker (whether it be a professional speaker, business leader, government official, non profit executive or consultant) who is addressing an audience?

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What views do they currently hold?
  3. What views would you (as the speaker) like them to hold?
  4. How do you get them to move from their current views to the views you want them to hold?
  5. What counterarguments will arise when you seek to change the views of your audience and how will you respond?
  6. How many times and how many different ways will you need to present the views before you audience embraces the change?
  7. How will you ensure the audience sticks to the new view?

How well are you prepared to address these questions before giving your next speech? Or if you are hiring a professional speaker for your next conference, workshop – are you sure they can adequately address these 7 questions?


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